"Grado in Rete" - Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Seventeen tourism oriented companies created in Grado, seaside city in the North East of Italy, the first destination based cluster to apply a new and innovative marketing strategy and to change a "summer vacation city" into a 365 days attraction. We helped them in starting the project, creating and organizing the network and we offered them our project management services (100% success rate).

After just one year of activity, Grado in Rete achieved an astonishing +16% of guests in 2015 summer, bringing to Grado over 41.000 new tourists.

We worked together and we plan to keep doing it for a long time!




"Grado in Rete is a cluster who represents more than the 25% of the accomodation capacity of Grado. We wanted the project to be a guide, a "meeting point" for the turistical enterprises of the location. Vision and Mission Consulting S.a.s. helped us in creating and developing the cluster, following us and monitoring us in every step and, partecipating to our meetings, they made us able to create a united, important, cluster."


Nicola Galiazzo - CEO of "Grado in Rete", Manager of Villaggio Ca Laguna - Grado