"Photofriuli" - Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

15 tourists groups coming from Hungary, guided by a young professional photofrapher, will discover some of the most beautiful locations in Friuli and they will meet entrepreneurs able to tell them the story of the region itself. Restaurants such as Osteria Aquila Nera from Udine and Morgenleit in Sauris will become, during an unusual moment, after they will close, a photo set; Prosciuttificio Bagatto, Malga Alta Carnia, Zahre Beer e l'Hotel Suite Inn will do the same. The nature and the cities will also be important characters of the project: the hills of Rive d'Arcano and the town of Fagagna will also host the photographers. International partners such as Edge Communications (company organizing Art Market Budapest and responsible for the logo of Photofriuli) and Az Utazo (one of the most famous turistical portal of Hungary, responsible of the media package) will gurantee the promotion abroad. Photofriuli will end in September 2017, organizing an event/show in Budapest, hosted by the brand new and elegant Emile Restaurant, during which the best photos taken by the tourist will be showed and sold through a charity auction, to collect money for the orphanages in Hungary.

The project has been financed by Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia.